Solar Offgrid Plant

Solar PV panels mounted on your roof or near your house capture energy from the sun and convert this energy into DC electricity.

A Solar Inverter converts this DC electricity into 230V AC electricity.

The main switchboard takes electricity from the solar inverter or battery inverter and sends it to power your home.

The battery inverter is two way and can take surplus electricity from the main switchboard and convert in into DC electricity to be stored in batteries or demand is their convert stored DC electricity from the batteries into AC electricity to power your house.


In this system energy harvested from solar will be used directly and also charging the Batteries.

This system is designed with high intelligence program to take care battery charging and regulate the power supply by convert DC power to AC power and also make use of solar power in optimum way.

This system combines three different electrical energy (energy from solar, stored energy in the battery and energy from the grid) this will act as an uninterrupted power supply and maintenance the load with any one of the powers from the three sources.

This system will be well utilized applications like domestic, hospitals, data centers and also in educational laboratories.

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