On Grid/Grid Tie Solar Installation


Step 1

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Step 2

The structure work or frame work plays a vital role in the installation of solar panel. Its should be designed and execute according to the correct tilt angle. According to the latitude of Kerala the tilt angle should be between 10-13 degree and the direction of the panel will be facing toward the geographic south direction. After completing the frame work, place the panel on the iron pipe and screw it so that panel firmly fixed and balanced on the structure.

Step 3

Moving on to the next step, after looping the panel earthing between solar panels then installation of DC cable from the panel to the DC distribution box and to the inverter, which convert the DC current to AC current which is accepteted by the grid . From the inverter to the AC Distribution box and then to the grid.

KSEB Process

Feasibility test

We need to take prior approval from KSEB before starting the work. This test is taken for the availability of transformer capacity is enough to approve the project. If there is availability then normal time taken will be between 4-7 days.

Registration Process

After the installation of Solar Grid tie system , We need to submit all the documents and certificate to the section office. After verifying the same KSEB vigilance team will come for the inspection and forward there report to the section office.

Meter Connection

The concern section office will allocate the bidirectional meter to the consumers which can be also purchased from consumer side.

All our On grid projects will start only after taking the approval from KSEB. We always strictly follow the rules and regulations of KSEB.

Note: Estimate time taken for the KSEB paper work will be between 25-45 working days. Contact us for your first step towards your Zero Electricity Bill/Energy bill.


Solar OFF Grid Power System

Solar off grid works with the help of Solar panels, Solar Inverter, Charge controller and Solar Battery. In solar off grid system there will be no connection with the grid. At the time of production the same will be directly use by the house appliance and balance amount of energy will be stored in the battery. The back of an Off Grid system is completely depends on the ampere hour(Ah) of the battery. Before the installation of an Off Grid System

Solar Hybrid Power System

Solar Hybrid System is a combination of both On Grid and Off Grid which are now available of different brand according to the configuration. We can simultaneously use the Grid tie system and Off grid system using hybrid inverters. Hybrid inverters are the one point solutions for the energy charges and backup. In a hybrid solar power system once we used our solar energy power for the useage of residential or commercial appliance then the rest of the production will be strored in the battery bank. After the battery bank charged fully then it will export to the grid. If the solar power is not generating enough energy then it will charge from grid.

CCTv Installation

Authorised high quality cameras for the security of home and residence.

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